Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

When to Upload

You may want to upload documents for citations for the following reasons:

  • Readings that are not available via the library or other places online that meet fair dealing guidelines or for which you have permission to use by the copyright holder;
  • Documents that you have created such as handouts, summaries, etc.

Please note: The Library does not encourage uploading documents for readings that are available electronically via the Library, even if they meet fair dealing guidelines. Accessing readings via the Library develops skills for using the various library platforms, provides the Library with accurate resource usage statistics when making budget decisions, and encourages discovery of related resources.

How to Upload

You can add upload a document to a citation in two ways:

Adding a Document When Manually Creating a Citation

When creating a citation manually, you can upload a document by dragging the file in to the upload box or clicking on the box and navigating to the file using your computer's file browser.

Add a Document to an Existing Citation

You can add a document to any citation, including those you have added to your reading list by searching Omni or using the Cite It! tool.

To add a document, open the citation and click Edit. You can then either drag the file onto the upload box or click the upload box and navigate to the file.

Don't forget to SAVE it.

screenshot of uploading a file

In this example, you see that the library has physical holdings of the book, but no online access. The instructor can obtain the book, scan the required chapter, and upload it to the citation. The library will obtain Copyright assessment from the Copyright Office before it's made available to students.

Uploading Considerations

When adding documents to a citation, please keep in mind the following.


All files uploaded to Leganto will automatically be evaluated for copyright to ensure that the document meets Fair Dealing Guidelines or falls within the Public Domain. If you are the copyright holder or have information pertaining to any special permissions you may have over the material, please include this information in the Library Discussion for the citation.

If you upload any copyrighted documents to your list, the audience for your list with Published must be restricted to 'Course students'.


Leganto does not have any built in tools related to creating accessible or alternative formats. If these tools are needed, instructors are encouraged to also post documents directly to Blackboard and to make use of Blackboard's Ally tool. See https://www.trentu.ca/it/services/user-guides/blackboard-faculty-ally for more information.

If readings are available via Blackboard, you can add a tag to the citation indicating this so that student know where to find the reading. Public notes can also be added to the citation to further clarify this information.