Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Copyright Clearance

Leganto provides Trent's Copyright Office with the data needed to track University-wide use of copyrighted materials.

The library sends to the Copyright Office any citations that require clearance. This is generally those with a file uploaded.

The Copyright Office evaluates the item for Fair Dealing. You'll be notified through Library Discussion about whether an item does or does not meet Fair Dealing, and we'll investigate alternative options with you.

Fair Dealing applies ONLY to the current session of a course, and it must be re-evaluated with each offering of the course.


  • The library will remove any file that does not adhere to copyright regulations.
  • The library will add "visibility date limiters" to lists that require copyright clearance.
  • If you add a file, the citation is not visible to students until it has been assessed as Fair Dealing by the Copyright Office.

It's highly recommended that you use links to licensed library materials instead of uploading files, whenever the item is available through the library. These materials have already been purchased for use by Trent students and don't require further copyright assessment. Leganto requires users to login to their Trent account for access.