Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Managing Collaborators


The instructor is automatically the "owner" of a list. The owner can add "collaborators" who can also work on the list.

The Collaborators area is on the right pane of Leganto. Click the Collaborators link to see who is currently assigned a role in the list. Click "Manage Collaborators" to add/remove them or change their privileges.

screenshot of the manage collaborators pane



To add a collaborator, enter a name into the "Invite new collaborators" box. Select the option that matches the privileges you want them to have:

  • "Can manage list" - this user can add other collaborators AND make changes to the list.
  • "Can edit list" - this user can make changes to the list.

Click "Send invitation".

  • This adds the user as a collaborator and sends them a notification.