Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Download a List

screenshot of the list export menuYou can download your list into your choice of file format.

Use the drop-down menu (...) at the top of the list, beside the "Edit" button.

Click "Export" and another drop-down menu opens with file format choices:

  • .lgn file is a Leganto file. Use this if you want to upload it into a different course.
  • Word - when you choose a Word file, you'll also be prompted for the citation style you wish to use, so your citations will be formatted accordingly.
  • PDF - creates a .pdf file for printing.
  • Excel - loads the citations into an Excel sheet.
  • RIS - an all-purpose file for Citation Managers
  • EndNote - for downloading into EndNote specifically

Download a Section

The same menu options are available to download a section of a list.

Click the menu (...) beside the section, instead of at the top of the list.