Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Getting to Leganto

Click through the slides for instructions on finding and logging into Leganto.

Add a Menu Link in Blackboard

Add a Menu Link: Readings & Resources

Your Blackboard course already comes with this menu link, but it's "Hidden" from students by default. You only need to right-click the arrow to the right of it and select "Show Link" to make it visible to students.

Screenshot of making the link visible to students

If you don't already have a link to "Readings & Resources" in your Blackboard course, it only takes a moment to add it. Follow these simple instructions, or watch the brief video demonstration below.

  1. Navigate to your Blackboard course.
  2. At the top of the course menu, hover over the plus sign: +., and select "Tool Link".
  3. Name it: Reading & Resources.
  4. In the "Type" drop-down list, select "Library - Leganto".
  5. Tick the box for "Available to Users", so your students can see it. (Leave this un-ticked if you don't want students to see it yet.)
  6. Click "Submit".
  7. It will be added at the bottom of your menu. Drag it to the spot you want.