Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Login to Leganto

Within your Blackboard course, find a link to "Readings & Resources" in the menu.

You are a course instructor, with a Blackboard course enabled. You (and your students) can always access your list through your Blackboard course.

  • A menu link in Blackboard ("Readings & Resources") connects your course to Leganto.
  • When you click on it, you're connected to Leganto and presented with all lists for that course.
  • To see lists from other courses, remove the course filter by clicking the X.

Blackboard links the library's Leganto system with you and your students.  While your lists "live" in Leganto, Blackboard communicates information between the instructor, the library, and the students registered in the course.

The menu is normally on the left side of a Blackboard course. If the link isn't already there, you can add it in under a minute. See the instructions below.


Instructors can also login to Leganto through MyTRENT. This link instantly connects you to ALL your Leganto lists, with no course filter.

Either search for Leganto in the top search bar, or navigate to:

  • Academics
    • Learning & Research

You'll find a link to Leganto, and to this guide there.

No Blackboard Course?

No problem. Login directly through MyTrent, and work with upcoming course lists there. Once the course is available in Blackboard, link it up using "Course Association". (See "Associate a List with a Course".)

Direct Link to Leganto

Login using your MyTRENT username/password. From there you can access all your existing lists, or start a new one.

Click the Blackboard Menu Link: Readings & Resources

screenshot of the Blackboard menu link to ReadingsIn your Blackboard course, click the menu link: Readings & Resources

Clicking the "Readings & Resources" link performs some "magic" (aka coding) that brings you into the Leganto system. Your initials are in the top right corner, to show that you're logged in.

You're recognized as the instructor of the course, and you can create lists that are automatically associated with this course.

Any lists that you've already created for this course are listed. To see lists you own that belong to other courses, remove the X filter for the course.


(Not seeing this link in your Blackboard menu? See below: Add a Menu Link.)

Landing Page

screenshot of the welcome screen

First List

If you're just getting started, your landing page is a welcome screen.

  • It explains what Leganto is.
  • It tells you which course you're logged into.
  • It gives you a button called "Create It" to create your first list.

This page directs you to start a list by clicking on the "Create It" button. It automatically starts you on your list by:

  • creating a list,
  • naming the list to match Blackboard's name for your course,
  • associating the list with your course, and
  • assigning you as the list owner.


screenshot of my lists


Returning Users

If you've already created lists, your landing page is "My Lists", and you'll see your lists here.

You can create a new list now. The easiest way is to click the button:New List button on this page.


Add a Menu Link in Blackboard

Add a Menu Link: Readings & Resources

If you don't already have a link to "Readings & Resources" in your Blackboard course, it only takes a moment to add it. Follow these simple instructions, or watch the brief video demonstration below.

  1. Navigate to your Blackboard course.
  2. At the top of the course menu, hover over the plus sign: +., and select "Tool Link".
  3. Name it: Reading & Resources.
  4. In the "Type" drop-down list, select "Library - Leganto".
  5. Tick the box for "Available to Users", so your students can see it. (Leave this un-ticked if you don't want students to see it yet.)
  6. Click "Submit".
  7. It will be added at the bottom of your menu. Drag it to the spot you want.