Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.


Leganto keeps you notified of changes and updates to your list - changes made by the library, collaborators, or students. Once you've sent your list to the library, it's important to check for any communication regarding issues.

screenshot of notifications alert

In the top right corner of your list (beside your initials), you'll see a bell icon. A number on it indicates you have new notifications. Click the bell to see all notifications.

  • Notifications let you know if the library has added a note or students have added discussion items.
  • Notifications include a link directly to the item identified.

You can select to view notifications for All lists or specific lists.

You can filter to specific types of notifications.

Leganto is also set to send you an email to alert you when you have a new notification. A maximum of one email per day is sent, and only on days where a new notification exists. This email reminds you to check your Notifications in Leganto for details and links.


Format of Notifications

screenshot of the notifications when opened

When you click on the Notifications icon, a list of recent notifications is presented, starting with the most recent.

  • A brief title indicates what is new.
  • Below the title is information about who made the change, what list it's on, and which citation is affected.

List names and citations are linked, so you can click on them to see them in context.

Library Notifications

Some notifications come from the Library.

These might affect an entire list.

  • A link to the list is provided.
  • Where relevant, the name of the person who made the change is included.

screenshot of New library discussion in reading list. In list: rovers test list. Name added a message to the library discussion.


They might affect only one citation on a list.

  • A link to the list and the citation is provided.
  • Where relevant, the name of the person who made the change is included.

screenshot New library discussion in citation. In list: name, in citation: name.

It's important to check Library Discussion notifications as soon as possible, since we could be awaiting a response from you that's delaying the processing of your list.

Other library notifications are informing you of routine activities and don't require immediate attention.

screenshot. A submit lists by date was added to your course. In course: coursename.

In this screenshot, the instructor is being advised that a "list due to the library" date was added. This is a reminder that the library needs time to process lists, and if you want your list ready by start of classes, you should submit it by the date added.

  • Normally, the due date would appear in the notification.

Notifications about Student Activity

Some notifications indicate changes made by students.

If a student adds a comment or a suggestion to a list, you'll get a notification.

screenshot of notification. A comment was added to a citation in list name in citation name.

In this screenshot, a comment was made by a student on a citation. It provides:

  • the list name and link
  • the citation name and link
  • the name of the student who made the comment.

Notifications from List Collaborators

Because Leganto is a collaborative platform, instructors can work together to create lists and communicate between themselves. "Collaborators" are those who have been given the ability to make changes to a list. They can include other instructors, TAs, student workers, or anyone helping you with your list.

Some notifications indicate changes made by list collaborators.

Screenshot of collaborator notification. A new collaborator was added to a reading list in list name.

In this screenshot, a new collaborator was added to the list. It provides:

  • the list name, and link
  • the name of the person who added the collaborator
  • the name of the new collaborator