Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Editing and Annotating Citations

Your list shows citations and brief status information.

screenshot of citation

Edit a citation by clicking on its title.

screenshot of editing a citation

Links & Availability

  • If you found this item through Omni, this section could already be filled in. It might change after library staff have checked it.
  • If there are no links or availability, it will automatically be evaluated for purchase by the library.
  • Note that "Mark as broken" allows you to notify the library that the link needs attention. Use this only if a link has been automatically entered but your testing has shown that it doesn't work as expected.

Due Date 

  • You can enter a date to show students when it should be completed. This is helpful because it shows up in the students' calendar of "Upcoming Due Dates" when they first login.
  • If you don't add a due date, it won't appear on the calendar at all.
  • This doesn't make the item unavailable after the date; it's just there to help students plan.


  • Private notes are only for instructors only; neither students nor library staff can see them. Collaborators can also see them.
  • Public notes are for for students to see.


  • If you wish to limit when the citation displays, set the dates here.

Library Discussion

  • Carry on a conversation with the library, using the "Library Discussion" pane on the right.
  • Add any details you want the library to know.
  • Read comments from the library about this item.
  • Only instructors and library staff can see these.
  • Check often to see if the library has added any notes to the discussion; if there's a number on the bell icon at the top right of Leganto, it means there's a new notification.


Click the "Edit" button to make further changes to the citation, if needed. Close this view by clicking on the X for the overlay. Changes are saved.

Change a "book" to a "book chapter" in Edit.

Please note that the CLA copyright information in the video does not apply to our institution.