Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Send Your List to the Library for Fulfillment

Once you've finished adding citations to your List (or if you're just ready for some feedback from us), send it for Library Review and copyright approval. Library staff will go through the list to ensure the items are ready for your students to access.

screenshot of the Library Review button

Use the "Library Review" button to submit the List to the library.

Once the library receives it, work begins to ensure your students have access to the list items.

  • Physical library items required for Reserve are automatically moved to the Reserve Collection.
    • Remember to identify these with "Tags".
  • License restrictions are checked, where needed.
  • Copyright "Fair Dealing" is evaluated.
  • Access issues are resolved.
  • The library will take all reasonable actions to ensure all items are made available, and communicate with you through the "Library Discussion" pane.

You'll receive notification from the library (through Leganto notifications) when the list is complete or if we add any communication.

Students cannot see the list yet. It becomes visible to them through Blackboard after you publish it. You can publish it any time, but if the library hasn't completed fulfillment, some items may not be available.

Library Discussion

If there are access issues or questions concerning any item on your list, library staff will discuss these with you through Leganto.

  • Look in the right-side pane for "Library Discussion".

screenshot of library discussion pane


Any library questions or information will be posted under "Library Discussion".

  • There's a Library Discussion area for the entire list, and for each citation.
  • You reply there, so there's a record of our ongoing conversation.

Check for notifications in Leganto.

  • You'll notice a bell beside your initials at the top left of Leganto. A number on the bell indicates there are notifications for you to check.
  • You can request email notification by clicking on your initials, and looking at the "User Settings". Click the box for "Receive notifications by email.

Citation Status

When you first add an item to your list, it may have a status, based on what Omni was able to find. This status can change as library staff work through the list and fulfill items.

This is a list of the status options you could see.


Each citation displays a status to show its availability. It may have one status when you add it, and another once library staff have fulfilled it.

  • Sent : it's been sent to the library for review.
  • Complete : the citation is ready for use.
  • Available : it's physically available in the library.
    • If it's tagged for Reserve, Library staff will move the item to Reserve for short term loan. (Assuming the Reserve Collection is available.)
  • Check Holdings : library staff must locate the item and complete the citation.