Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Using Dates

You can add dates to your list at three different levels:

  • the list level - applies to the full list;
  • the section level - applies to that section only;
  • the citation level - displays a due date for the reading and adds the item to the personalized "Upcoming Readings" list for each student.

The boxes below explain how each level's dates work.


  • Dates are never required.
  • If you add dates, consider how it will affect your students:
    • Do you want them to lose access at some point?
    • Do you want to help them keep track of when readings are due - for ALL their courses, not just yours?
  • If you don't add dates, the list will automatically be made "inactive" at the end of the term, without any action from you.


List Level Dates

Dates Summary

The dates set for your list will are summarized at the top, just under the list name, along with other status information. When you hover your mouse over it, the text "List visible only during these dates" pops up.

  • During these dates you CAN see your list, but students CANNOT see the list.

Screen capture:

screenshot of the list visibility dates summary

Add or Change the Dates for a List

  1. Click "Edit" at the list level (at the top of the screen, beside the list name).
  2. Click the calendar icon for "From:" and "To:" to select your dates.
  3. Click "SAVE".


screenshot of the list level dates

Section Level Dates

Adding dates for sections is completely optional.

If you add dates, students (and you) will see the dates for the section, even outside of the dates.

You can choose to click "Section visible only during these dates" if you want to hide the entire section outside of these dates.

  • Use this cautiously. If you wish to re-open the section during exams or projects, you must remember to change the dates.


screenshot of changing dates at the section level

Enter Dates for a Section

  1. Under the elipsis (...) menu for the section, select "Edit Section".
  2. Use the calendars to select a "To:" and "From:" date.
  3. Once you select dates, you'll have the option to click the box for "Section visible only during these dates".
    • If you check it, students will only be able to see the section between the dates.
    • If you don't check it, it's always visible to students.
  4. Click "SAVE".

Due Dates for Items (Citations)

screenshot of citation due date display

At the citation (item) level, you can set a "Due Date".

  • This date will show immediately after the title of the citation.
  • The advantage of setting this, is that Leganto can add it to every students' unique "Upcoming Readings" list, to help them keep track.

Screenshot of student view for "Upcoming Due Dates":

Screenshot of Upcoming Due Dates list for students

Add or Change a Due Date

  1. Click the title of the citation.
  2. Scroll down to "Due Date".
  3. Click the calendar to select a date.
  4. Click the X to close the overlay.
  5. Note that the due date now displays beside the title.


screenshot of citation level dates