Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Tagging Citations

Each citation offers the option to "Add tags to item". Tagging is a quick way to convey important information about a citation to both students and the library. To add tags to a citation, click on the Add tags link and select as many as you would like from the drop-down list. Click "Save" when you're done to apply all of the tags to the citation. There's no limit on how many tags you can attach to a citation.


Screenshot of Leganto Tag Options Menu

What does each tag mean?

Essential, Recommended, Optional, Lecture Readings

These tags can be used to convey to students the level of importance for a reading. They allow you to indicate which readings must be read, which are a good idea to read, and which are optional. You can also use them to indicate which readings are necessary to be read to contextualize a lecture.

Course Reserves

There are three tags related to course reserves. These tags serves two purposes - one is a quick way for students to know which readings are available on Reserve at the Library Service Desk. The other is to notify library staff that an item should be placed on Reserve and which type of Reserve it should be.

"Course Reserves (3 hour)" is used to notify library staff that the physical item should be placed in the Reserve Collection, and to show students that it's on Reserve at the library. When it's attached to a citation, library staff will fetch the item from its current library location and process it for Reserve. Like all tags, there is no limit on the number of tags you can attach to an item but in this case only one should be used. If more than one is selected, the shortest loan period type will be applied.

The "Course Reserves - Personal Copy" tag is not visible to students but is used to tell the library that you intend to drop off a personal copy to be used as the reserve copy in cases where the library does not own a copy of the material.

Students Responsible for Acquiring

Use this tag to indicate if a reading on the list is from a required text that students are expected to have on hand. It normally applies to textbooks that are available from the Bookstore for students to purchase. This will also let the library know when a reading is available to students in another format.

File Uploaded to Blackboard

While Leganto allows you to upload and attach files to a citation, there may be cases where you prefer to use Blackboard instead or you may decide to put the file in both Leganto and in Blackboard. This tag is used to quickly let students know that they can find the file for this reading in Blackboard. We also recommend putting information in the Public Note to give students more specific information on where they can find the file if it is not uploaded to Leganto.