Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

5-Minute Quick-Start

Maybe you don't have time to create the most perfect, fully-functioning reading list right now - you just want to get your readings published and available to students. Follow these steps to get a minimal list ready. Later, you can come back and add features, if you wish.

You'll still want to use the other sections of this guide for further instructions, but this will get you going.

Start by watching the video - it's a visual overview of the process. Then follow each step in order.

  • Be sure to follow ALL SIX steps on this page to get your list processed by the library and published to students.

Video: Quick Start

Here's a 2.5 minute video that shows how to start a new list, add sections, and items to each section.

Note that the video skips the steps of associating the list with the course, sending it to the library for processing, and publishing it to students. These can be done later on and they take only a moment, but they're essential parts of the process.

Step 1: Login to Blackboard (1 minute)

Login to a Blackboard course where you are the instructor.  Whenever possible, login to the course you're creating the reading list for, but if it's not available yet, choose any course.

Click the menu link: "Readings & Resources".

  • This works the magic that opens Leganto (in a new tab/window) and recognizes you as the instructor. Your initials appear in the top right corner.
    • The "magic" is actually code, but you won't see that, so it looks like magic.

That was easy, right?

Oops - is there no menu link for "Readings & Resources"?

Step 2: Create a List (1 minute)

Your landing page is "Lists" - as shown in the tab on the left.

Click the "+New List" button. (Or, follow the prompt to "Create It!", if it's your first login.)

screenshot of new list button


Enter a title.

screenshot of the add title and create pane


Click "Create".

screenshot of Create button


You're asked to select a template. Choose "Blank", unless you already have a week-by-week schedule created. Either way, the template just gets you started, so you can make any adjustments later.

screenshot of select a template


You'll be asked to associate the list with a course.

screenshot of Associate to course

  • If your course already exists in Blackboard, click "Associate List" and find the Blackboard course you want to connect it to. (If you logged in through this course, it's the default.)
  • If your course doesn't exist in Blackboard yet, choose "not now". You'll do that later. See how.


Step 3: Add a Section (30 seconds)

You need at least one section in your list, because that's where the citations go.

  • If you chose a template, you'll already have sections.
  • If you chose "blank", add a section now - click "New Section.

New Section button

Give your section a title. If you're only going to have one section, you can call it "Course Readings".


Now your list is set up and ready to have readings added.

Step 4: Add Citations to the Section (2 minutes & 28 seconds)

There are several ways to add citations to your list, but the quickest and most reliable way is to find them in Omni and drag them over.

  • This way, your citation is fully formatted and linked through the library. If it's online, no further work will be required by library staff.


plus sign icon for add itemsFrom your list, click on the plus sign to add items.

  • A pane opens on the side, where you can search Omni.
    • Items you find indicate whether they are "P-physical " or "E-electronic".
  • Drag-and drop any item you wish to add to your list.
  • Remove items by clicking "...", and selecting "remove" from the drop-down menu.

Searching Suggestions

  • For known items, search for a title, doi, author, or full citation.
  • For a larger workspace, drag the handle to resize the pane.
  • Use filters to limit your results to articles, book chapters, videos, or books.
  • Not sure you've found the right one? Drag it over anyway - you can see it better from your list and you can easily delete it later.

Not Found in Omni?

Change from "Search" to "Create" and enter basic information from an existing citation. We'll look for it.

Use the "Create" tab to drag documents from your desktop into Leganto.

Saved Citations

If you have saved citations in Omni, they'll appear under the "My Collection" tab here, and you can drag them into your list.

Step 5: Send for Library Review (1 second)

screenshot of the library review button

Send the list to the library for "fulfillment" by clicking \the "Library Review" button. This notifies the that it needs our attention. Library staff go over the list to ensure all the links are correct and the material is available.

  • If it's a physical item, we can place it on Reserve. (Only valid when physical Reserves are available, post-COVID.)
  • If it's not available in the library, it's tagged for purchase consideration.
  • If it's available in a better format or location, we edit the link.
  • If it requires copyright assessment, it's sent to the Copyright Office for clearance.
  • If we have concerns or questions, we'll enter them in the "Library Discussion" to start a conversation with you.

You can send the list for review at any time. If you add or change items later, we'll be notified.

But only click the "Library Review" button once, to avoid duplication and confusion at the library side.

Step 6 (Final Step): Publish the List for Students (1 second)

You'll need to have your Blackboard course ready to do this. Make sure your list is associated with the correct Blackboard course. See how.

Publish button

Click "Publish".

The status of your list changes from "Draft" to "Published" and your students will be able to see it through their Blackboard course.

In a hurry?

You don't need to wait for the library to complete your list before you publish, although it's best if you do. Some items may not be available until we've processed them.

If you need to get the list out to students immediately, go ahead and publish it. As we process items, they'll be updated on your list.

Need More Details?

For details on all these steps, and more advanced options, move on through the guide.

Follow pages in order with the navigation at the bottom of each page, or use the red menu (normally on the left side of your screen).