Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Video: Create a New List

A 30-second video to get your first list started.

Overview of List Creation

Leganto is a collection of "Lists" of resource material.

  • Lists are associated with Blackboard courses.
  • Lists are made up Sections - you need at least one section.
  • Sections hold "Citations" for the material.

Citations are not restricted to library materials. While the easiest way to add citations is through library search tools, there are also options to upload your own documents (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) and link to websites through your browser.

Once you've logged in to Blackboard, navigate to Readings & Resources through the menu link, and follow three steps to start your list.

  1. Create a list.
  2. Associate the list to your course.
  3. Ensure there are sections in your list.

Detailed instructions for each of these follow.

Quick Start: Create or Add a List With a Click

Create a new list.
  • In "Lists" (your landing page), click "New List". new list button
  • If this is your first login, follow the prompt to "Create it!"
  • Enter a title and description for the new list.
    • The title is required, and should default to Blackboard's name for your course. You can modify it, and it will stay connected to your course.
    • The description is optional, but may be useful to your students.
  • Click "Create".
  • Select a template, or "none".

Other Ways to Create a List

Export an existing list to a file for importing.

  • Open an existing list.
  • Click the "..." and from the drop-down menu select "Export" - "To .lgn file".  (.lgn = Leganto file)
  • The file is downloaded to your computer.
    • This file can be sent to another instructor for importing, or you can import it yourself.
  • To import the file, in "Lists", click "New List".
    • Below the Title and Description entry box, click "Import .lgn file".
    • Drag-and-drop an .lgn file from your computer into the box that opens.
    • Click "Confirm".

Duplicate an existing list, then make changes.

  • In "Lists", click the "..." beside the list you want to copy.
  • Select "Duplicate list" from the drop-down menu.
  • The list is duplicated and added to your "Lists", with (2) after the name.

See the links below for detailed instructions.

Documention and Tutorials