Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Quick Start: Follow the Prompt to Associate a List

You'll want to ensure your list is associated with the correct Blackboard course, so that students are directed to it.

screenshot of the prompt to associate the list to a course
When Creating a List:
  • Click "Associate to course" when prompted.
  • Search for and select your course using the searchbox provided.
  • Click "Associate & Close" to save it.


If you don't have access to your Blackboard course yet, you can do this step later.

Associate the List with a Course

When you create a list through Blackboard, it's automatically associated with the course you logged in through. But you can change the course association if you need to.

  • If you don't see a list you're looking for, make sure the it's not filtering to a specific course. Either remove filters, or exit and login through the correct course.
screenshot of the list options drop-down menuWhen Editing an Existing List:
  • From the list, click the List Options menu "..." and choose "Manage course association" from the drop-down list.
  • Use the search box presented to find the course.
  • Click "Associate".

Use the same method to change an association or to remove an association.

Association Settings

When you associate a list with a course, you're shown:

  • The default start and end dates for the course.
    • Your list will use those dates to control its availability; the list is "active" and the materials are available during that time.
    • Library staff can (and may) adjust them.
  • The number of students in your course.
    • If it's blank, or incorrect, you can change it.
    • Knowing the number of students helps us ensure sufficient access to materials.

For video on associating lists, see in "Create A List" and click to the section for "Associate Reading List with Course".