Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Leganto Introductory Video

The 2-minute video provides an overview of how Leganto works and what it can do for you.

Leganto is a collaborative web app for creating and managing course readings and resource material. It helps instructors select resources from a variety of sources, involves library staff to manage access and availability, and provides students with direct access to the readings.

Students and instructors login to Leganto through their Blackboard courses: look for the link to "Readings & Resources".

REQUIRED Steps in List Creation

To make course readings available to students, you must do these 4 things:

  1. Create a list and add items ("citations") to it.
  2. Associate the list with a Blackboard course.
  3. Send the list for library review.
  4. Publish the list for students to see in your Blackboard course.

The first one can take some time; the other three are just a couple of mouse-clicks.

The library does all the rest to make the readings available.

Quick Start Options

Need to get up and running soon?

See our "5-Minute Quick-Start" page for getting going now.

Once you get more comfortable, you're going to want to add features, and you can move down the menu on the right for more advanced options that will improve the experience for your students.


Don't panic - we're right here. Librarians and support staff are ready to do what we can to make your lists work.


From our Help page, click "Booking Page" and choose the link to book a 30-minute "Creating Reading Lists with Leganto" virtual appointment with a librarian. Select a date and time that works for you. We'll walk you through it and answer your questions.

If you think you need longer, let us know when you book and we'll extend the time limit.

Send a Syllabus

Send your syllabus to library@trentu.ca and we'll get it started for you. You'll still be able to make updates or modifications later.

Ask a Question

Email any question or concern to library@trentu.ca. Your message will be directed to the best person to give you a speedy and accurate response.

Post a Note in "Library Discussion"

Leganto lists are designed to maintain a conversation between the instructor(s) and the library. When you click "Library Discussion" in your list, the person working on your list is notified that there's a message. You can do this at the list level for general questions, or the citation level to discuss a specific item. This keeps all our conversations in context, so we don't waste time finding the item in question and remembering what was said previously.

When you receive a response, you'll see it in your "Notifications" bell icon in the top right corner of your Leganto screen. Click the bell to see all your messages and links to the specific part where they appear. You also receive a daily email when you have new notifications.