Omni is our academic search tool. Search Omni for access to scholarly books, articles, and other material.

Searching Basics: Sign In, Enter Search Terms, Apply Filters, Get Full Text


Screenshot of Omni search bar


Sign In

Always start by signing in, to ensure you have access to all the resources and services you're entitled to.

  • Signing in gives access to:
    • borrowing details: loans, due dates, requests, fines
    • favourites: saved items, saved searches
    • Request and ILL options
    • online access to full text
  • Single sign-on provides access through your MyTRENT login.
    • If you don't sign in through MyTRENT, you can still search, but you'll have limited access (no full text).

Enter Search Terms

  • Omni works best with simple language, so enter a phrase or some words that reflect your topic.
  • Boolean operators, quotes, and truncation are not necessary - save those for an Advanced Search. Or use them in A&I databases, which are designed for precision searching.
  • You'll be searching a wide range of material, so be as general or specific as you like.

Apply Filters

Filters provide options to limit the items you find.  There are many options, such as:

  • "Available Online" or "Available in Trent Library" (physical item)
  • "Peer-Reviewed Journals"
  • "Books & eBooks"
  • publication dates, journal titles, subjects, etc.

Get the Full Text

If it's online, you'll see "Available Online".  Click it to see links to the item.

  • Most of our material is online.

If it's a physical item in the library, it say's "Available at Bata Library" or "Available at Durham Library". Get the call number to find it on the shelves. (Or Request it.)

Poster showing "sign in & enter search terms", "apply filters as needed", "get the full text".