Omni is our academic search tool. Search Omni for access to scholarly books, articles, and other material.

Using Results to Find More

Here are three ways Omni helps you find more items on your topic.


Virtual Shelf Browse

See what's beside this book on the shelves.

  • Since academic libraries shelve books by subject, other books covering the same topic could be nearby.
  • Look for the virtual shelf browse at the bottom of the page.

screenshot of virtual browse


Citation Trails: The Scholarly Conversation

screenshot of cited by and cited in symbol

Little symbols in each record point to other material that have cited this item, and material cited by this item.


"Find Sources Citing This" shows other publications that have cited this one.

"Find Sources Cited in This" shows the materials cited within this publication.

Follow the scholarly conversation by seeing how the ideas in this publication were used in later publications, or where these ideas came from (earlier publications).



screenshot of related readingOmni recommends other items that are related to the one you're looking at.

Find related reading on the right side of your screen.


Poster showing "follow the citation trail", "read related articles", "virtual shelf browse".