Omni is our academic search tool. Search Omni for access to scholarly books, articles, and other material.

My Library Account

Always sign into Omni when you first start to search. Not only does that allow you access to all the resources you're entitled to, but it also remembers you and your history.

Once you've signed in, your name displays in the top right corner of the screen.  Click on your name to see options.

screenshot of the options when you click on your name

My Library Account provides a list of activity in your account. It shows your loans, requests, fines, fees, blocks, & messages you have.
My Loans shows only your current loans, along with their due dates
My Requests shows only your current requests and their status.
My Favourites shows the items you've previously pinned to your favourites. This is remembered between browser sessions, until you remove them.
Search History shows the searches you've run during this browser session. You can run them again, or pin them to favourites so they're remembered for later..