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Booking Media

You must be signed in to book an item. Login at the top right of your screen.

Screenshot of request option



Once you've found an item, click on the title to see the "full record" with all your options.

Under "Get It", find the "Request" option. Click it.
screenshot of omni booking form
If this is a "bookable" item, (normally a video),you have the option to reserve it for a particular date and time.
In this case, you're prompted to choose a Request Type:  "Request" or "Booking".
  • Select a Pickup Location
  • Select the date and time at which it's needed.
  • Select the date and time at which it will be returned.
  • Enter any relevant comments.
    • E.g. the course for which it's being viewed during class.

Click "Send Request ".

Once you've created a booking, check its progress in "My Requests". You'll also be notified when it's available for pickup.