Omni is our academic search tool. Search Omni for access to scholarly books, articles, and other material.

Introduction to Omni

Omni is the Library's academic search tool, providing quick and easy access to all types of library resources. From the Omni search bar, use simple language to enter some search terms. From your results screen, use filters to limit to the types of resources you really want to see.

Omni is a collaborative project involving 14 Ontario university libraries, so you can limit your search to what's available immediately through the Trent Library, or broaden it out to material held at other libraries. Automated forms help you request material from other libraries.

Omni provides seamless help with your research, by:

  • providing citations for the items you find, in your choice of format
  • emailing, saving, or printing searches or results
  • suggesting other items related to what you're viewing
  • customizing your results to your preferred subject

Use the menu on the left to discover the options available to you through Omni.

Video: Introduction to Omni

This 9-minute video walks you through the process of finding Omni, signing in, searching, limiting results, getting the full text, and saving items for later.  It's 9 minutes well spent!