Omni is our academic search tool. Search Omni for access to scholarly books, articles, and other material.


Once you've identified an item you want, you can:

  • link to it (if it's available online), for immediate access.
  • come to the library and get it off the shelf, (if it's physical and available); or
  • request it.

When to Request A Physical Item

You can request an item when:

  • It's currently unavailable (e.g. signed out to someone else):
    • It will be retrieved from another library and you'll be notified when it's available for pickup
  • It's available at a different branch:
    • It will be transferred to your chosen branch and you'll be notified when it's available for pickup.
    • This normally takes 1-3 weekdays.
  • It's available in the general collection, but you can't retrieve it right now:
    • It will be collected and kept for you at the Service Desk. You'll be notified when it's available for pickup.
    • We collect items twice a day: morning and afternoon.
    • We hold it for you for 7 days.
  • It's not available from the Trent Library:
    • This normally only applies if you've broadened your search to cover other libraries, or if you selected "Add results beyond Trent's collection".
    • When you request an item from another library, we obtain it from another library for you
      • This takes several days, and you'll be notified when it's available for pickup.
    • At times you may need to use interlibrary loan (ILL). In these cases, a form is partially filled out for you. Enter your personal information and submit it.  We'll borrow it from another library for you.

Not all items are requestable. If it doesn't have a Request button, it can't be requested.

Once you've placed a request, check its progress in "My Account", "My Requests". You'll also be notified when it's available for pickup.

Pick Up Your Omni Requests Anywhere

You can now use some of the 16 participating Omni partner institutions as your pickup and return location for your Omni items! 

How to request an item through Omni and choose your pickup location:

1) Enter your search terms/resource title into the Omni search bar and select Trent + Omni Libraries.

2) Click Get It From Another Library.

3) Under Pickup Institution at the end of the form, select the university closest to you where you want to pick up your item.

How to Request an Item

You must be signed in to submit requests. Login at the top right of your screen.

Screenshot of request option


Once you've found an item, click on the title to see all your options.

Under "How to Get It", click "Request".

  • Depending on where we need to get the item from, you may see "Get It From Another Library" instead of "Request", but the process is the same.

If you don't see the Request option, make sure you're signed in and your name appears at the top right.

If you're signed in and it's not appearing, it's not requestable.

screenshot of omni request pop-up

Select the type of request:
  • a Request is filled as soon as possible.
  • a Booking is filled for the date requested.
    • Booking is only an option if it's a DVD, as shown in our screen capture.

Choose your pickup location.

The terms of use describe the type of loan available, and normally can't be changed.

Select a date after which the item is no longer useful to you.

  • This doesn't change how quickly we get it to you, but if it's already too late by the time we get it, it moves on to the next person on the list.

Click "Send Request ".

Once you've created a request, check its progress in "My Requests". You'll also be notified when it's available for pickup.

Checking Requests & Renewing

Everything you request is listed in "My Requests", under your name in the top right corner.

If there's a "Renew" button beside an item, click it for an automatic renewal. Not all requested items are renewable.

Get Help

Contact if you have questions about requesting or renewing.