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Video: Finding Course Reserves in Omni

This 1-minute video that demonstrates how to find Course Reserves in Omni.

The narrator reads the text on the screen.

Finding Your Course Reserves

screen capture of drop-down menu switch to "course reserves"

Omni can connect you to your Course Reserves in the library quickly and easily. 

The first thing to do is change where you're searching: from "Trent Library" (the default) to "Course Reserves".

Then enter whatever information you have:

  • instructor name (first or last)
  • course name (or words from it)
  • course code
  • department code

Not sure of the full spelling?  Enter the first few letters with an asterisk*.

screenshot of filters for course reserves


Use the filters to limit to your course.

All the items on Reserve are listed.

Grab the call number, and ask for it at the Library Service Desk.


Online Reserve Readings

Most Course Reserves are physical items that you must come to the library to request. 

As Omni grows and the library expands services, more of your readings will begin to appear online, with links from Omni.