Help finding resources for your research.

Research Databases

PHIL 4410H Course Readings

Fall 2019

September 18: Adversarial Argument (1)

September 25: Adversarial Argument (2)

October 2: Adversarial Argument (3) 

October 9: Adversarial Argument (4)

October 16: Emotion and Argumentation in Informal Logic

October 30: Buddhist approaches to anger

November 6: Anger, Loving Perception, and Knowledge

November 13: Rogerian Argumentation and "Counterproductive but Apt" Anger 

November 20: Rhetoric and Anger

Tips for Finding Scholarly Resources

Here are some useful strategies for finding scholarly books and articles on your topic:

  • Use the bibliography of the required readings to see what works the author used.  The citations provide the information you need to locate the documents.
    • Look for journal articles using Journals A-Z on the library homepage to find the journal, then navigate to the correct volume, issue, page for the article in the citation.
    • Look for books in the library catalogue - usually using a BROWSE in TITLE.
  • After reading the required texts, you should now be aware of keywords relevant to your topic. 
    • Select a database and search for new texts that use your keywords.
  • Search databases for other texts authored by the author of required readings.
  • Use the suggestions in databases or article landing pages for related texts:
    • Articles citing this document.
    • Articles cited by this document.
    • Articles using the same citations as this document.
  • Search the library catalogue for books:
    • by keyword (topic)
    • by author - look for an author of another work on the topic, to see what else they wrote.