Publishing Open Access

This guide is meant to help Trent researchers with Open Access publishing options

Discounts & Pricing

APC Discounts: 100% for hybrid / 40% for gold

Hybrid journals

As of January 1, 2021, authors affiliated with Trent University will be able to publish an unlimited number of their articles as open access in SAGE Choice, Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), and Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) hybrid journals for the duration of the agreement (2021-2026). No article processing charges (APC) fees will be levied for open access publication in eligible hybrid journals.

Gold journals

Authors are also eligible to receive a 40% discount on the APC for most gold open access journals. Click here to view the list of journals not eligible for an APC discount.

Ineligible journals

There are a few select journals (currently 13 titles) for which Sage does not offer an open access option that are excluded at this time. The list can be found at the bottom of this page:

To access the discounts

SAGE Open Access Portal (SOAP) is a centralized portal that automates SAGE's open access publication process. The following steps briefly outline the manuscript submission process. Please consult the user guide which outlines the author’s workflow and the article acceptance process.

  1. Authors must indicate their institution affiliation upon manuscript submission. Authors are encouraged to also use an email with an institutional domain to facilitate the identification of eligible articles.
  2. Once an article is accepted, the author will receive an email notification if their article is eligible under the terms of this agreement. For articles accepted in gold open access journals, the APC discount is automatically applied upon acceptance of manuscript.
  3. Authors can accept or decline to publish their article open access from within the SAGE Open Access Portal (SOAP). If an author declines to publish in open access, their article will be published via the subscription route.
  4. Authors can also select their copyright licence and assign a payer (i.e. funding agency, institution, or a different bill payer), and make the APC payment from within the Portal.


A list of gold open access APC prices is available at