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Citation Management: Zotero: Zotero & Proquest

This guide has been adapted (with permission) from the Scholars Portal Zotero LibGuide.


The best way to export citations from a Proquest database (e.g. Sociological Abstracts, PsycINFo) to Zotero in order to capture all the citation information, including the Abstract, is to use the SAVE function in Proquest.  Below are step-by-step instructions on how to do this. 

Important note for MAC users:  many citation managers, including Zotero, don't work well with the Safari browser.  Please use Firefox or Chrome.



1.  Before you begin exporting citations, open Zotero and select the folder in which you want your citations to be stored. Create a folder for your assignment if you haven't already.

2. In the Proquest database, select the items you wish to send to Zotero.  Click on SAVE. 'Select RIS (works with Endnote, CITAVI, etc.)

Selecting items to export to Zotero

 3. You'll be presented with Export/Save options.  Usually the default is fine.

Proquest Export/Save options

4. You'll then be asked if you would like to open up your saved file in Zotero (this is because you already have it open).

Image of Dialogue box to request Open with Zotero

5.  Zotero will now ask you where you want to place your saved citations.  The default is to Import into New Collection based on the file name Zotero has created.  However, you have already created a folder for these citations (Research Assignment in the example below) so deselect this option.

6.  Your article citations are now in Zotero where you can view the article information and create bibliographies.  For more information on how to create bibliographies, see the instructions under the tab in this guide, Creating a Bibliography.

Zotero display