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Citation Management: Zotero: Installing Zotero

This guide has been adapted (with permission) from the Scholars Portal Zotero LibGuide.

How Zotero works

Zotero has three components:

  • The library that keeps all of your references organized
  • The browser tool that can grab citation information off of a web page
  • The Word (or OpenOffice) plug-in that can produce formatted in-text citations and a bibliography.

Installing Zotero and Zotero Connector

  • Install Zotero and Zotero Connector here, then restart your browser.
    • If you have Mac, select macOS option.
  • Zotero Connector is also available for Safari, Chrome,and Opera. (Note: Zotero works best in Chrome or Firefox.  Some features do not work in Safari)
  • If you're using OpenOffice - Install the Word or OpenOffice plug-in here

Sync your Zotero Account

First, set up a user account.

  • In Zotero navigate to Edit > Preferences > select the Sync tab.
  • Enter your Zotero user name and password.
  • Check the "sync automatically" box.
  • Check both boxes under File Syncing and choose Zotero storage for My Library. This will sync your PDF attachments as well as citations.
  • Click the green circular arrow button at the top right corner of the Zotero window.
  • Zotero will upload your library to the server.

Repeat this configuration on each of your computers. Any updates you make on one of your computers will be reflected on the others.

Zotero with Internet Explorer

Zotero is not compatible with Internet Explorer. To use Zotero, download Firefox or Chrome for free!

Setting Preferences

Use the Library Lookup function in Zotero to link to Trent's subscription.  To do this your Zotero preferences will need to be edited.

  1. Navigate to the Edit menu > Preferences > Advanced
  2. Under Open URL in the Resolver option enter:


Back up your Zotero Library