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Citation Management: Zotero: Using RTF Scan

This guide has been adapted (with permission) from the Scholars Portal Zotero LibGuide.

Creating a bibliography using RTF Scan

The RTF scan function allows you to create a bibliography from a rich-text document without the use of the Word or Open Office plug-in. RTF scan works best when you're working with a small number of references you are familiar with. 

As your write your document, include author citations encased in curly brackets as follows:

{Smith, 2009}
Smith {2009}
{Smith et al., 2009}
{John Smith, 2009}
{Smith, 2009, 10-14}
{Smith, "Title", 2009}
{Jones, 2005; Smith, 2009}


When you're done, upload your .rtf file to the RTF scanner and Zotero will produce a bibliography.