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Citation Management: Zotero: Installing Zotero

This guide has been adapted (with permission) from the Scholars Portal Zotero LibGuide.

How Zotero works

Zotero has three components:

  • The library that keeps all of your references organized
  • The browser tool that can grab citation information off of a web page
  • The Word (or OpenOffice) plug-in that can produce formatted in-text citations and a bibliography.

When you use Firefox, the library and the browser tool are one piece and you need to download the Word plug-in separately.

When you use Chrome or Safari, the library and the Word plug-in are one piece and you need to download the browser tool separately. 

Zotero with Firefox

        • Install Zotero as a browser plug-in here, then restart your browser. The plug-in includes your library and the browser tool. 
        • Install the Word or OpenOffice plug-in here

Zotero with Chrome or Safari

        • Install Zotero as a standalone application here. The application includes the Word/OpenOffice plug-in, which can be activated through the Zotero Preferences menu.
        • Install the browser connector for either Chrome or Safari.

Zotero with Internet Explorer

Zotero is not compatible with Internet Explorer. To use Zotero, download Firefox or Chrome for free!