SciFinder and SciFinder-n

SciFinder and SciFinder-n are chemistry databases with citations to journal articles, full-text patents and substance information. SciFinder-n is the new interface.  The legacy version will be available until December 2022. 

SciFinder vs SciFinder-n

For assistance with using SciFinder-n please consult:


Registration is required

First time users need to register.

Register for the web version of SciFinder here (registrations must be completed on campus or by using the proxy server off campus; please read all instructions). A email address is required for registration.

Registered users can use the links below to access SciFinder or the newer SciFindern.

Blocked Access

As our subscription allows for a limited number of seats between a number of universities, there may be times when you are blocked from accessing SciFinder. We are interested to know the frequency of blocks and would appreciate an e-mail from you should you get blocked. Please e-mail Ellen Olsen-Lynch at

In order to prevent users from being blocked there is a session timeout of 15 minutes (ie. if your session has been inactive for 15 minutes then it will be terminated automatically).