Sustainability Studies M.A.

Links to resources useful for research in the M.A. Sustainable Studies

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Welcome to the MASS Subject Guide.  In the pages of this guide find information about and links to important resources in Sustainability Studies. 

If you need help:

  • check out the tutorials.
  • ask for help at the Library Service Desk.
  • use the email link to ask a question or to book a research appointment. 

Successful searches rely on two main points:

  1. Search in the right place. 
  2. Use the best search terms.

Where you search always depends on what you want to find.  Use the left menu to find resources for the types of publications you need.

Switching out the search terms often changes your results significantly.  You can't  ask a scholarly database a question; you need to look for specific key terms that should appear in everything of interest to you.  Give some thought to your search terms, and join them with AND / OR to make effective searches.

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Citation Management

Graduate level research usually involves gathering a large number of citations to research material, and you should have a plan for keeping track of them.  There are numerous citation manager products available, from which you can select your favourite.  Some are free, and some can be purchased.  See our guide on Citation Management for information on some of the popular tools.