Sustainability Studies M.A.

Links to resources useful for research in the M.A. Sustainable Studies

Search Beyond Trent Library

Graduate studies usually require searching beyond the holdings of any particular library.  You need to broaden your search to other institutions.  Here are some suggestions.


"Add results beyond Trent's collection".
  • Selecting this broadens your search to include items that are not immediately available in the library but can be requested.
"Trent + Omni Libraries".
  • Select this from the drop-down search options to include physical items that can be borrowed from other Ontario university libraries.

Find Books in Omni

Use Omni to discover books available through the library, whether they're ebooks or physical.

  • Filters let you limit to "Available Online" (ebooks) or Available in Library (physical).

Omni even finds chapters within books.


The majority of our e-books are included in omni and can be found with any search.

The following resources contain collections of e-books, which can be searched at a more detailed level than our catalogue allows, and you can find links to specific chapters or pages. Most offer the option to create an account for yourself and save books, as well as adding notations and highlighting.

A Sample of Books You Can Find in the Library Catalogue