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These databases include at least some newspapers.  Some cover only one title; some are only historical; some are a mix of newspapers and journals.

Newspaper article searching tips

There are several places to find recent newspapers articles. Newspaper websites sometimes provide access, but full-text is not always available or limited to just that day or week. The library subscribes to several databases that include full-text newspaper articles. Some of the best ones for finding Canadian newspapers include:

  • CBCA - Indexes Canadian journals and newspapers, including scholarly and popular titles
  • CPIQ - Indexing of nearly 700 Canadian periodicals (English and French) with full-text articles from 240 Canadian periodicals. Covers journals, magazines, and newspapers.

See a complete list of databases for newspapers here..  


In this search I selected the specific field of Document title-TI.  I did this because the first time I executed the search I received over 15,000 citations.  This is too many too look through.  After revising the search strategy, I only had 50 plus citations to look through.  Often, but not always, the most important words will be in the title or abstract of an article.  Searching only within one of these fields can help to refine the search, improving the relevancy of the results.  It doesn't always work, as authors can sometimes be very 'creative' with titles, but it's a good start. 

Note: because this in not just a newspaper database, under Source Type, Newspapers was selected.

Screen shot of CBCA newspaper article search