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Forensic Sciences: Find Books

Find books about homicide or murder in Canada

Every book in the catalogue will be tagged with at least one Subject Heading.  Once you know all the Subject Headings important to your topic, they can be used to efficiently search for books in the catalogue.  The search below will find most books about murderers or homicide in Canada. 

Subject Headings:

murder$ or killing$ or homicide$ or manslaughter or matricide or fatricide or infanticide or filicide or patricide or ‘wrongful death’ or lynching


Canad$ or Ontario or Quebec or 'British Columbia' or Alberta or Saskatchewan or Manitoba or Newfoundland or 'New Brunswick' or 'Nova Scotia' or 'Prince Edward Island' or Nunavut or Yukon or 'North West Territories'



Search Tips:

  • The $ is a truncation tool in the catalogue that will find variant endings to the root of a word. For example, relevant subject headings include murder, murders, and murderers - murder$ will find all three words.
  • To search for phrases in catalogue records enclose the words in single quotes.
  • Use the AND operator between the main concepts. 
  • Use the NOT operator to exclude a subject heading. There are few cases in which this operator is required.  In this case, it is helpful to add "NOT fiction" to the search because the library holds many fictiononal books (e.g. novels) in these subject areas. Books that are fiction are tagged with the Subject heading, 'fiction'.  Using 'NOT' should exclude these.

Catalogue Search:

1. On the Library's home page, click on the Advanced Search for the Catalogue.

Library Homepage Screenshot

2. Enter the subject headings using one line for each concept. Select 'Subject' for the field to search in.  Select AND for the operator between the subject headings for murder and Canada.  Select NOT for the operator before the subject heading, 'fiction'.

Catalogue Advanced Search Screenshot


Check out these Books

Below is just a sample of books in our collection.  Search the Library Catalogue to find others.