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In this guide you'll find information about, and links to, important resources for Business. Choose a tab at the top of the page for the type of information you want to find. On the page there's information, tutorials, and links to resources.

In Business Administration there's a need for a variety of types of resources:

  • books cover general topics;
  • articles come in different types of publications:
    • scholarly journals cover research, studies, and theories about the discipline;
    • trade journals outline trends and news within industries;
    • newspapers tell what's happening in the news;
  • company profiles provide information about competitors and partners;
  • country profiles provide insight into the benefits and challenges of working with other nations;
  • accounting databases contain specialized regulations and standards.

EBSCO's Business Source Complete is an excellent starting point for much of this information, but you can't expect to find everything in one place. If you think about your topic from alternate points of view you'll find a greater variety of information. Some sources will be available online, either by subscription at the Trent Library or freely available through a search engine like Google. Some information is found in books on our Library shelves - not everything is online.

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