Arts & Science

A guide to the resources and search techniques of use to students taking ASCI courses.

Find Articles in Omni

You can find most articles using the Omni search. Enter some keywords, a citation, a DOI, an author - whatever you need.

The link to full text is in the full description when you click the title.



Omni finds articles as well as books, but sometimes a subject-specific database gives you more control of your search. These databases could be good starting points for research.  They're very general in their coverage.

  • They contain BOTH scholarly and non-scholarly content (ie. magazines and newspapers), so be sure to select the type of resource that's appropriate for your topic. 
    • After you search and see your results list, use the limiters provided to select the type of article you need.
  • When you see something that looks potentially useful, click on the title to see the detailed description.  There may be information on this page that leads you to MORE articles:
    • Look at the References (Works Cited) of one article to see what the authors used for their research.
    • Look at what other articles have cited this one.
    • Look at "Related" articles.
    • Click on an author's name to see what else they've written.
  • Get SERIOUS about search terms!
    • Don't use full sentences or questions.
    • Select a couple of important terms that should appear in every article.
      • Join them with AND and OR.  (See the Keyword tutorial for details.)
        • AND finds all items that have BOTH terms in the description - to NARROW results.
        • OR finds items with ONE term or the other - to BROADEN results.
    • Be creative.  Think about different ways to express your topic.

creative or creativity
"creative process"
creativity and science
creativity and education