Arts & Science

A guide to the resources and search techniques of use to students taking ASCI courses.


Key Library Books

Search E-Book Collections Available through the Library

Although our ebooks are included in a catalogue search, searching them directly from the publisher site often allows a deeper search, finding your search terms at the chapter or page level.


There are hundreds of subject-specific encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, etc. available through the library.  How to find them:

Library Catalogue

Search the catalogue for your topic AND "dictionary or encyclopedia or handbook". 

  • It's probably easier to use the "Advanced Search" option for this type of search.  Put all the ORs in one searchbox and your topic in another.  Search "anywhere" or "subject".

Here's an example of the results for "feminism"; it finds 26 books.

screeshot of sample search


EBook Packages

Search within some of our large ebook packages. Some collections are specifically meant for background "reference" information.