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Library Tutorials: All Tutorials

A list of the online tutorials available from the Trent University Library.


The tutorials on this page are here to help students learn to use the Library and its resources.  Take the time to read them early in your studies, to save time and frustration later on.  An estimated reading time is provided for each one, but this is only an estimate. Take the time you need to understand the concepts.

The first time you read these, you should follow the order of the pages. After that you can always return to a particular page for a refresher. On the next page find links to specific sections of tutorials.

Course Requirements

If you need a library skills module for credit in a course, check your syllabus for details. It may not be one of these tutorials! Normally, anything worth grades is found in Blackboard.

Omni: Rediscover Discovery

Omni: Rediscover Discovery

The Trent Library uses an academic search tool, "Omni", to help you discover the resources available to you. Omni is usually the first place you should look for research and library materials. Consider it the "Google" of your library. With over 80% of library materials available online, Omni may be all you need to find resources.

Most academic research material is NOT available online for free. Your library purchases online access for you while you're a Trent student. Use Omni to identify and link you to those valuable resources.

Look at our Omni Guide for details on using Omni. Or just try it out - it's very easy to use. You can always check out the guide later, when you want to learn more.

Tutorials by Title

These tutorials are essential for understanding in-depth library research techniques:

These tutorials are extremely useful for most students.