Tutorial: Navigating from a Citation to a Document

You have a citation to an article, either in a journal or a book. How do you find that article in the Library's resources?

Can't Find It?

A digital object identifier (DOI) is a unique name given to an online document.  If you have the DOI for an article, it should link directly to the article. 

However, a DOI points to an item at a specific location.  If our Library obtains it from a different provider, you may not be able to access it this way - try a different access method.

To use a DOI, click on the link below to get to the resolver site and enter your DOI in the search box. 


You can also Google your DOI, but if it's not authenticated through our proxy server you may not get access.

For more information on using a DOI, see our help page.

If you don't find your item in Omni, perhaps the Trent Library doesn't have access to it.

Expand Your Search

In Omni, you can expand your search beyond the Trent Library.

  • Change where you're searching from "Trent Library" to "Trent + Omni Libraries".
    • This finds physical items at the other Omni libraries.
  • Click the box that says "Add results beyond Trent's collection".
    • This finds online items items at other libraries.

If you find it here, click the "REQUEST" button to order it and we'll get it for you.

  • You need a RACER account to order these items, but that's easy to set up.
  • There's no charge for this service, but you do need to allow us several days at least to get it. At busy times, it could take weeks.