Social Work

Starting points and links for your Social Work research.

Finding Statistics

There are a variety of ways to find statistics for your research.


  • A book on your topic may provide statistics related to the topic.


  • Quantitative studies are published in journals and often include statistics as part of their results, or within the Introduction or Background.
  • If statistics are obtained from another source, the source will be cited.

Research Reports

  • These often include statistics gathered in preparation for the study or statistics that are the results of the study.

Statistical Databases

  • Organizations such as Statistics Canada provide raw statistics, and you can often gather what you need from them.

Links to Specific Statistics

Find more reports with research data and statistics by keyword searching in the Library Catalogue, the Canadian Documents Collection, or Google.

Trent's Statistical Databases

The Trent Library's MaDGIC Unit (Maps, Data & Government Information Centre) offers access to, and help with a variety of statistical packages.  You can use these on your own, or contact the MaDGIC Unit for assistance.

Other Guides and Links

These are links to guides from other University Social Work programs for finding statistics useful in Social Work research.  Most of the resources are open access, but some may require a login that isn't available to you.  In this case, check the Databases A-Z to see if it's available through Trent.