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Welcome to Canadian Studies Library Resources

According to the Canadian Studies home page, Canadian Studies is an interdisciplinary exploration of the concepts and practices of "Canadianness". Thus, Canadian Studies covers everything from literature to politics, as long as it is about Canada. It is an 'interdisciplinary' study, making it necessary to think creatively when approaching library research.  Canadian Business and Current Affairs (CBCA) or Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q) are two indexes listed under Canadian Studies Related Databases that are basic starting points for finding newspaper articles, magazines, and peer-reviewed journal articles published in Canada.  However, after that you need to look at other guides that are specific to individual academic disciplines. For example, if you are researching Canadian history go to the History Guide. If you are researching an aspect of public health in Canada go to the Nursing & Allied Health Subject Guide.

Background Information

Use these sources to find background information on your topic. Background sources are generally not appropriate for citation in research assignments.

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