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There is a partnership with Peterborough Public Health assessing the success of their collaboration model or processes in working with urban Indigenous organizations and First Nations to plan and implement Covid 19 vaccination clinics in the area served by PPH.  What literature exits related to Indigenous health collaboration models and experiences?


Think of your research topic in terms of search terms that you use to build searches. You will usually need to consider related terms that can also be used in your searches.

Search term 1: Indigenous -  First Nations, First Peoples, Aboriginal, various specific names of First Nations peoples

Search term 2: COVID 19 - coronavirus, infectious disease, pandemic, disease outbreak

Search term 3: Vaccine - vaccination, vaccination clinic, dose, shot, immunize, immunizing, immunization

Search term 4:  Pubic health -  community health, health unit, healthcare, health delivery, health services,

Search Tips

  • finding peer-reviewed literature on Peterborough specific health unit/Indigenous collaboration may be very difficult because we have only been through COVID-19 for less than two years, so may need to broaden your search;
  • resources like government documents, public health unit resources, and First Nations documents might be a good start;
  • Search a variety of tools, including OMNI, nursing and allied health specific databases, Google, Google Scholar;
  • you might need to find articles/books, etc. on things that talk about Indigenous healthcare collaboration.


Resources to Get Started

Web Sites and Documents

Accessing Additional Public Health Support for First Nations and Inuit Communities During COVID-19

What we heard:Indigenous Peoples and COVID-19: Public Health Agency of Canada’s Companion Report

Indigenous Primary Health Care Council: COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Toolkit

National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health (go to NCCIH publications and see Chronic & Infectious Diseases under Health Topics)

Ontario Public Health Standards: Requirements for Programs, Services and Accountability Protecting and Promoting the Health of Ontarians (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)

Relationship with Indigenous Communities Guideline, 2018 (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)


OMNI Search Tips
  • use the term collaboration or partnership(s) combined with Indigenous, First Nations, Metis, Inuit
  • try various search terms like aboriginal health, infectious disease, public health, health services

Allen, L., Hatala, A., Ijaz, S., Courchene, E. D., & Bushie, E. B. (2020). Indigenous-led health care partnerships in Canada. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), 192(9), E208–E216. OMNI Record


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Camargo Plazas, P., Cameron, B. L., Milford, K., Hunt, L. R., Bourque-Bearskin, L., & Santos Salas, A. (2019). Engaging Indigenous youth through popular theatre: Knowledge mobilization of Indigenous peoples’ perspectives on access to healthcare services. Action Research (London, England), 17(4), 492–509. OMNI Record


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Lachance, N., & Rose, T. (2020). More Than Words: Outlining Preconditions to Collaboration Among First Nations, the Federal Government, and the Provincial Government. International Indigenous Policy Journal, 11(2), 1–24. OMNI Record


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Khan, I., Ndubuka, N., Stewart, K., McKinney, V., & Mendez, I. (2017). The use of technology to improve health care to Saskatchewan’s First Nations communities. Canada Communicable Disease Report, 43(6), 120–124. OMNI Record


Databases (Locate under DATABASES A-Z on library home page)

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature)

Example search:

first nations or aboriginal or native peoples or metis or inuit


public health



Partnership, Trust and Respect: NSW's Response to COVID-19 Among Aboriginal People

Example search:

first nations or aboriginal or native peoples or metis or inuit


community health



Decolonizing Health in Canada: A Manitoba First Nation Perspective

Healing Journeys: Indigenous Men's Reflections on Resources and Barriers to Mental Wellness

Example search:



health OR health care



Students in the IESS 1001 class, which is an Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR), should think about their experiences of the class and their encounter with ideas around Indigenous Knowledges. Search ICRs and student learning related to Two Eyed Seeing and IK.



Abu, R., Reed, M. G., & Jardine, T. D. (2020). Using two-eyed seeing to bridge Western science and Indigenous knowledge systems and understand long-term change in the Saskatchewan River Delta, Canada. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 36(5), 757–776. OMNI Record

Gaudry, A., & Lorenz, D. E. (2019). Decolonization for the Masses?: Grappling With Indigenous Content Requirements in the Changing Canadian Post-Secondary Environment. In Indigenous and Decolonizing Studies in Education (1st ed., pp. 159–174). Routledge. OMNI Record

Sylliboy, J. R., Latimer, M., Marshall, E. A., & MacLeod, E. (2021). Communities take the lead: exploring Indigenous health research practices through Two-Eyed Seeing & kinship. International Journal of Circumpolar Health, 80(1), 1929755–1929755. ONMI Record


Tanchuk, N., Kruse, M., & McDonough, K. (2018). Indigenous Course Requirements: A Liberal-Democratic Justification. Philosophical Inquiry in Education, 25(2), 134–153. OMNI Record