Write In Time

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About WRIT 1001H: Write In Time

This writing-intensive course aims to provide practical and cumulative skills in writing clearly, correctly and persuasively across disciplines and situations. The course assumes the importance of a close relationship among reading, thinking and writing, and operates on the premise that the practice of writing encourages thinking and promotes innovative, insightful reflection.

Library research is an essential part of this process.  It involves following the "scholarly communication" as it develops, through publications.
When scholars research a topic, they start with what's already known and build upon it.  The publication of scholarly articles and books documents the growth of information and allows others to participate by refuting, evaluating, commenting, and supporting each new step.

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What's Scholarly?

You need to find scholarly material for this research.  What does that mean?

Look for material that published, not just put up on a webpage.

  • Is there a book title, author, publisher?
  • Is there a journal title, volume, issue, and date?

Once things are published, they're permanent and they can't be changed.  If you use a published document, it doesn't matter if you accessed it online or in print - the document is the same.

Look at who the author is.

  • Is s/he a scholar - someone affiliated with a university or research institute? 
  • Or is s/he a writer, writing about someone else's work?

For more help identifying scholarly sources, see our tutorial.