Tutorial: Navigating from a Citation to a Document

You have a citation to an article, either in a journal or a book. How do you find that article in the Library's resources?


Start with a Citation

Once you have a citation for document, it's easy to find the document, whether it's online or in print (hard copy).  You just need to know a few details.

Citations might come from the bibliography of another article/book, a list of suggested readings from a textbook, a Prof, an online source, etc. They provide the information required to locate the document.

It's essential that you understand how to read a citation, to establish whether it's a book or a journal, and to identify the title of the larger work in which it was published.  Where you go next depends on the type of document.


  • If the citation refers to a book, search the Library Catalogue for the title of the book.
  • There are also resources for searching beyond the Trent Library.


If it's a journal article, there are three ways to locate it. 

  • E-Journals A-Z
  • Library Catalogue
  • DOI