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Tutorial: Navigating from a Citation to a Document: Introduction

You have a citation to an article, either in a journal or a book. How do you find that article in the Library's resources?

This tutorial uses tabs to navigate through the sections. Find major tabs above, and sometimes there are tabs within the boxes below.


Start with a Citation

Once you have a citation for document, it's easy to find the document, whether it's online or in print (hard copy).  You just need to know a few details.

Citations might come from the bibliography of another article/book, a list of suggested readings from a textbook, a Prof, an online source, etc. They provide the information required to locate the document.

It's essential that you understand how to read a citation, to establish whether it's a book or a journal, and to identify the title of the larger work in which it was published.  Where you go next depends on the type of document.


  • If the citation refers to a book, search TOPCAT (the Library catalogue) for the title of the book.
  • There are also resources for searching beyond the Trent Library.


If it's a journal article, there are three ways to locate it. 

  • E-Journals A-Z
  • DOI