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I will be out of the office from Thursday, October 18th to Wednesday, October 31st. Please e-mail for assistance.

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Welcome to the Physics & Astronomy Subject Guide.  In the pages of this guide find information about and links to important resources in Physics. 

Use the tabs across the top to navigate your way through this guide.

If you need help:

  • check out the tutorials.
  • ask for help at the Information Desk.
  • contact me to ask a question or to book a research appointment. 

Getting Started

Before you start searching, you should know what you want to find. The type of information you want determines where you look:

  • find books using the Library Catalogue
  • find articles using indexes.  Find a list of indexes for physics and astronomy by clicking on the Find Articles tab above.

The keywords you select will affect what you find. Plan where you want to search and what terms you will search for. The plan may change as you find results and learn from them.

Course textbooks and Reserve readings are often a great place to start. They provide background reading and often include a bibliography. Check to see what's already available for your course. The list of reference books under "Find Books" may also offer helpful background reading and bibliographies.

Where you look for information in Physics and Astronomy depends on what you hope to find. There is no ONE PLACE to search for everything. Information is sometimes "owned" by an organization and you'll need to search a specific database to find it.

We have a set of  online tutorials that will get you started with your research: Library Catalogue, Keyword Searching Techniques, and Finding Articles. You should read (or watch) these tutorials before trying to do your research - it will save you time and frustration.

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Trent Students Publish in Prestigious Journal

"Seventeen undergraduate and graduate students and two post-doctoral fellows at Trent University recently published a paper on the peer-review process in the prestigious journal Biological Reviews. Their paper addresses concerns related to the peer-review system in academic research and provides recommendations on how the process could be modified to improve research quality." Click here for the rest of the news story.

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