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Tutorial: Finding Articles: Introduction

This tutorial uses tabs to navigate through pages.  Find tabs above, and within some boxes.


One of the most complicated processes in Library research is finding articles on a topic. 

If you know an article exists, and you have a citation for it, it's not difficult to locate it. See our tutorial on "Navigating from a Citation to a Document".

However, if you have no idea where the articles have been published, you need to follow a process:

  1. Search an index for citations to articles on your topic.
  2. Navigate from the citation to the article.

Not all articles are available from every library; the library has to subscribe to it. We have systems in place to identify what is available and link you to it. If we don't have an article, you can ask us to order it for you - through Interlibrary Loan.


This tutorial covers the process of finding articles from beginning to end; click on the tabs at the top to move through the stages.

  • Start by reading about journals.
  • Next, understand the role of the index, and how to find the indexes you need.
  • Learn to read and interpret the information provided in the index (citations).
  • Find out how to move from the index to the full text of the articles.


If there is a Library Test required for a course you're taking, the test will focus on the use of databases (indexes) to find articles.  Feel free to return to this tutorial at any time; it's more important to know where to find this information when you need it, than to memorize it.

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