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WMST 2161H: Transnational Feminisms: Texts and Theories

Fall 2019

Class Readings

Sept 10: Introduction

Moghadam, Valentine M. 2015. “Transnational Feminist Activism and Movement Building.” In Oxford Handbook of Transnational Feminist Movements. Eds. Rawwida Baksh and Wendy Harcourt. New York: Oxford University Press: 53-81.
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Sept 17 | Mapping Knowledge and Power 1

Shohat, Ella & Robert Stam. 1994. “Introduction” and “From Eurocentrism to Polycentrism.” In Unthinking Eurocentrism: Multiculturalism and the Media. Eds. Ella Shohat and Robert Stam. New York, NY: Routledge, 1994: 1-6 and 13-25. 
BATA Library: PN 1993.5 .D44 S56 1994

Alexander, M. Jacqui and Mohanty, Chandra Talpade. 2010. “Cartographies of knowledge and power.” In Critical Transnational Feminist Praxis: 23-45.
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Sept 24 | Mapping Knowledge and Power 2

Mohanty, Chandra Talpade. 1988. Under Western eyes: Feminist scholarship and colonial discourses. Feminist Review, 30(1): 61-88.

Said, Edward. 1978. “Introduction.” In Orientalism. Vintage Books Edition: 1-28.
BATA Library: DS 12 .S24

In-class film: Persepolis (2007)

Suggested Further Reading:

Abu‐Lughod, L. 2002. Do Muslim women really need saving? Anthropological reflections on cultural relativism and its others. American Anthropologist, 104(3): 783-790.


Oct 1 | The Impact of Intersectionality on Transnational Feminist Thought

Crenshaw, Kimberle. 1991. Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence against Women of Color. Stanford Law Review. 43(6): (Read p. 1241-1253 & 1296-1299)

Collins, Patricia Hill. "Toward a new vision: Race, class, and gender as categories of analysis and connection." Race, Gender and Class. Routledge, 2007: 45-56.
BATA Library - HN 59.2 .L365

Suggested Further Reading:

Combahee River Collective. “A Black Feminist Statement.” In This Bridge Called my Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color, Fourth Edition. SUNY Press. Pp. 210-218.
BATA Library - PS 509 .F44 T5 1983

Mani, Lata. 1990. Multiple mediations: Feminist scholarship in the age of multinational reception. Feminist Review, 35(1): 24-41.


Oct 8 | Mapping Transnational Feminisms

Naples, Nancy. 2004. “Changing the Terms: Community Activism, Globalization and the Dilemmas of Transnational Feminist Praxis.” In Women's Activism and Globalization: Linking Local Struggles and Transnational Politics. Routledge: 11-22.

Tripp, Aili M. 2006. “The evolution of transnational feminisms.” In Global Feminism: Transnational Women’s Activisms, Organizing, and Human Rights. New York City Press: 51-75.
BATA Library - HQ 1111 .G56 2006

Suggested Further Reading:

Peake, Linda, and Karen De Souza. 2010. "Feminist academic and activist praxis in service of the transnational." Critical transnational feminist praxis: 105-23.

Nagar, R., 2002. "Footloose researchers, 'traveling' theories, and the politics of transnational feminist praxis." Gender, place and culture: A journal of Feminist Geography, 9(2): 179-186.


Oct 15 | Nationalism, Movement, and Location

Mohanty, Chandra Talpade. 2003. Genealogies of Community, Home, and Nation. Feminism Without Borders: Decolonizing Theory, Practicing Solidarity. Durham & London: Duke University Press: 124-136.
BATA Library - HQ 1870.9 .M64 2003

Rich, Adrienne. 2003. Notes towards a politics of location. Feminist postcolonial theory: A reader. 29-42.
BATA Library - HQ 1150 .F45 2003

Mankekar, Purnima. 2002. 'India Shopping': Indian grocery stores and transnational configurations of belonging. Ethnos, 67(1): 75-97.

Suggested Further Reading:

Tambiah, S.J., 2017. Transnational movements, diaspora, and multiple modernities. In Multiple modernities. Routledge: 163-194.

Appadurai, A., 1990. Disjuncture and difference in the global cultural economy. Theory, culture & society, 7(2-3): 295-310.


Oct 29| Indigenous Feminisms and Transnational Activism

Nakano Glenn, Evelyn. 2015. Settler Colonialism as Structure: A Framework for Comparative Studies of U.S. Race and Gender Formation. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. 1(1): 52-72.

Suzack, C., 2010. Indigenous Women and Transnational Feminist Struggle: Theorizing the Politics of Compromise and Care. CR: The New Centennial Review, 10(1): 179-193.

In-class film: Angry Inuk (2016)

Suggested Further Reading:

Walia, Harsha. 2012. "Moving Beyond a Politics of Solidarity toward a Practice of Decolonization." Organize!: Building from the Local for Global Justice: 240-253.
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Nov 5 | Global/Local

Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty (1988) ’Can the Subaltern Speak?.’ In Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture. Eds. Cary Nelson and Lawrence Grossberg. Urbana: University of Illinois Press: 271-313. (Read: 294-308)
BATA Library - HX 523 .M3766 1988

Mohanty, Chandra Talpade. “Cartographies of Struggle: Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism.Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism. 1-47.
BATA Library - HQ 1870.9 .T49 1991

Suggested Further Reading:

Eileraas, K. 2014. Sex(t)ing revolution, femen-izing the public square: Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, nude protest, and transnational feminist body politics. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 40(1): 40-52.

Freeman, Carla. 2001. Is local: global as feminine: masculine? Rethinking the gender of globalization. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 26(4): 1007-1037.


Nov 12 | Labour and Migration

Mohanty, Chandra Talpade. 1997. “Women Workers and Capitalist Scripts: Ideologies of Domination, Common Interests, and the Politics of Solidarity.” In M. Jacqui Alexander and Chandra Talpade Mohanty (eds.), Feminist Genealogies, Colonial Legacies, Democratic Futures. New York, Routledge: 26-52.
BATA Library - HQ 1870.9 .F45 1995

Lawson, Erica. 2013. The Gendered Working Lives of Seven Jamaican Women in Canada: A Story about ‘Here’ and ‘There’ in a Transnational Economy. Feminist Formations: 138-156.

Suggested Further Reading:

Dannecker, Petra. 2005. Transnational migration and the transformation of gender relations: The case of Bangladeshi labour migrants. Current sociology, 53(4): 655-674.

Walia, Harsha. 2010. Transient servitude: Migrant labour in Canada and the apartheid of citizenship. Race & Class, 52(1): 71-84.


Nov 19| Queer Transnational Feminisms

Altman, Dennis. “Global Gays/Global Gaze.” GLQ 1 May 1997; 3 (4): 417–436.
Only available as a PDF

Povinelli, Elizabeth A. and George Chauncey. 1999. Thinking Sexuality Transnationally: An Introduction. GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. 5(4): 439-449.
Only available as a PDF

Suggested Further Reading:

Alexander, Jacqui M. 2005. “Imperial Desire/Sexual Utopias: White Gay Capital and Transnational Tourism.” Pedagogies of Crossing: Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory, and the Sacred. Durham & London: Duke University Press. 66-88.


Nov 26 | Tourism and Travel

Puar, Jasbir Kaur. 2002. Circuits of Queer Mobility: Tourism, Travel, and Globalization. GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 8 (1-2): 101-137.

Mahrouse, Gada. 2011. Feel-good Tourism: An Ethical Option for Socially-conscious Westerners? ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies. 10(3): 372-391.


Dec 3 | Borders

Anderson, Bridget, Nandita Sharma, and Cynthia Wright. 2009. Editorial: Why No Borders? Refuge. 26(2): 5-17.

Davis, Angela, and Gina Dent. 2001. Prison as a Border: A Conversation on Gender, Globalization, and Punishment. Signs 26(4): 1235-1241.