Leganto - Create Lists for Course Readings & Resources

A guide for instructors.

Options for Re-Purposing Lists

There are various reasons for re-purposing an existing list: to use in another section, another term, or to start off a new course.

  • Rollover: During the summer, the library can rollover existing lists in bulk. More information on this will be available in summer 2021.
  • Duplicate: Instructors can "Duplicate" their list. Information on this is below.
  • Import: Instructors can export an existing list and import it into another course. Information on this is below.
  • Associate a list with multiple courses. Information on this is below.

Duplicate a List

screenshot of list drop-down menuWhen you Duplicate a List

  • All the items and sections of your list are copied.
  • All dates and discussion are removed.
  • Notes and tags remain with the copy.
  • The list is NOT associated with any course, so you must click "Edit" and "Manage Course Association".


If you're duplicating a list, please wait until the list has been fully reviewed by the library, to avoid duplication of effort. Once it's "Ready for Use", you can proceed. If waiting is an issue, enter a note on the list or contact library@trentu.ca.


How To Duplicate a List

To duplicate a list, click the elipsis (...) beside the list name (top of the list) to open the drop-down menu. 

  • Select "Duplicate list".

A list is automatically created and added to your list of lists. 

  • The list name is the same as the one you duplicated, but it has a number in brackets after it.
    • Example: Library Demo List (1)
    • The original list you duplicated does NOT have a number after it.
  • You can change the name of the list to suit the new course, but if you want to be able know which is which, name them accordingly.
    • Click "Edit" beside the list name and enter the new name.


Editing the Duplicated List


  • Click the pencil icon beside the list title to edit it.
  • Remove the number in brackets. Re-name the list if you wish 
  • Add or edit dates, if you wish to use them. Remember that the list will ONLY be visible to students during these dates.
  • Check that any information specific to the original course is removed.
  • Click the SAVE button when you're done.


  • Dates can be set:
    • for visibility
      • of the entire list (in the Title section)
      • for each section
    • as due dates for individual items.
  • All dates have been removed. If you wish to include dates, add them.

Import a List

You can export a list and import it into a new course - either immediately, or later.screenshot of the export menu

Exporting creates a .lgn file, which is a Leganto file. You can save it to your computer and upload it later.


When you Export a List

  • All items and sections of the list are copied.
  • All dates are kept.
  • All discussion is removed.
  • Public notes remain, but private notes are removed.
  • The list is NOT associated with any course, so you must click "Edit" and "Manage Course Association".


How to Export A List

From the list drop-down menu, select "Export"

  • You're given a choice of file types for exporting. Select "To .lgn file"
  • Save the file to your computer.

How to Import the File Into a New List

To import your existing file into a new list:screenshot of teh import button on New List

  • Click "New List" to start a new list.
  • Enter a title for the list.
  • Click "Import".
  • Drag the file from your computer into the box indicated, or click in the box to browse your computer for the file.
  • Click "Create".

Now you've created a new list that matches the one you downloaded.

Associate a List with Multiple Courses

You can associate a list with more than one course, and this might be the easiest option for teaching the same course with multiple sections. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before choosing this option.

In the following instances, it's best to copy the list rather than associating it with both courses:

  • Student Interaction options
    • If you're enabling student discussion, and you want your sections kept separate,
    • If you're concerned about knowing the usage for each section, .
  • Different due dates
    • If you're using due dates and they're different for each section.
  • Different readings
    • If the readings are not identical for both sections.
  • Different locations
    • If you're teaching in Durham and Peterborough and the items are physically available at only one location.