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Education Subject Guide: Books For Teaching Specific Subjects

Trent University Library guide for resources in Education.

Finding Books for Teaching

Use of Study and Teaching

Catalogue records have subject headings. Materials in our collections dealing with teaching usually have 'study and teaching' as part of a subject heading. You can combine this with a specific topic or teachable as part of a keyword search within subject headings. See the screen capture images below showing the steps.

Advanced Search

Go to the advanced search in the catalogue. The curriculum collection is where we have materials specifically for use by teacher candidates. This collection alone can be searched using the location limiter.

advanced catalogue search

Search Results

When you do the search you will see a results list like the one screen captured below.


When you click on a title you will see the item details for that item, like in the screen capture below.

catalogue search result


Try Yourself

The following search box lets you do a keyword search in our catalogue. Try selecting Subject from the pull-down menu. Combine any sort of general or specific search topic with "study and teaching".

geography and "study and teaching"

math$ and "study and teaching"