Tutorial: Library Catalogue

An essential tutorial for understanding how to find what's in our Library.

Library Branches

Library Branches

Trent University Library has two branches: Bata and Oshawa. The location of each item in the Library Catalogue is specified at the bottom of the record.

Many items are only available at one library or the other, so it's important to look at the location.

The screen capture below shows the display of locations.

  • Bata items are shown first, and each copy is listed with its location.
  • Oshawa items are shown below Bata, and each copy is listed with its location.

Requesting Items from a Different Branch

If an item you want is located at a different branch, you may request it.

  • Click the "Place Hold" button for the item on your screen.
  • Choose your pick up location.
  • Click the "Place Hold" button at the bottom.
  • TOPCAT informs you of the status of your hold.
  • You can cancel the hold through your Library Account.

Requested items can be picked up at the Library Service Desk of the receiving library. They can be returned to either branch. When they are returned, they will be sent back to their home location.

While items are being moved between libraries, their location will indicate they are IN TRANSIT.

Limiting Your Search to a Specific Branch

Even though we move items between branches, you may have a reason to limit your results to a particular Library branch.

Each search allows you to select a branch.  The default is ALL, but you can change it.

Caution to Oshawa Users

The system links all online resources to the Bata branch.  If you limit your search to Oshawa, you eliminate ALL ONLINE resources. You will only find items physically located in the Oshawa Campus Library.

Due to its size, the number of items in the Oshawa Campus Library is limited. To see all resources available to you, search both locations.


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