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A public list of new purchases considered by the library.

New Purchases for the Library

The Library regularly receives requests for new resources from departments, courses, programs, and individual faculty members, students or researchers. This guide provides the Trent community with information about new purchases made from the Library budget.

The Library Acquisitions budget is rarely increased from year to year.  It is further affected by:

  • yearly cost increases on existing subscriptions (normally about 3-5%),
  • the value of the Canadian dollar against the American dollar (most invoices are American dollars),
  • new programs and courses added to the Trent University options.

Since money for new purchases comes from the same pot as existing resources, new purchases have consequences for unrelated departments/programs.  We think it's important to be transparent and share this information.  We're currently reviewing all subscriptions and cutting where feasible, in order to pay for existing and new resources; see the Subscription Review Initiative. This guide includes only new purchases.


Monographs and other small one-time purchases are handled through the acquisitions budget assigned to each academic department, and requested through departmental Library coordinators. They are NOT included here.  Each department has its own process for selecting material to be purchased from their budget. Requests are sent to the Learning & Liaison Librarian for approval before purchase.

Large packages of books (generally e-books) are purchased by the Library when relevant offers are presented, usually through a large consortium.  These offers WILL appear here.  Often there's a very short time period to accept these offers, and the post may not appear here until the deal is completed.


Subscriptions are ongoing costs, which is more complicated.  Since the Library budget is rarely increased, adding a new subscription usually means cancelling something else.  These considerations WILL be posted here, to inform the Trent community of our decisions and invite input.

Subscriptions can include individual journal titles, packages of journals, databases, or any resource with ongoing costs, large or small.


Your comments are welcome at

If you have a request for a new purchase or subscription for the Library, please contact your Liaison Librarian and your departmental Library coordinator.